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  • 2016 02 Medicine, High blood pressure, New insights
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The No 1 medical topic from 2015: In the SPRINT clinical study with almost 10 thousand patients, there were significantly less heart attacks, strokes, and deaths, when the systolic blood pressure treatment target was 120 mm Hg, instead of 140 mm Hg. However, the blood pressure measurement in this clinical study was perfect. Too perfect. Therefore, despite the very good result, there is no clear conclusion, because most doctors cannot duplicate such perfect blood pressure measurements. My personal conclusion is: The new target for high blood pressure treatment is 130 mm Hg for the systolic blood pressure. But this is a personal conclusion. If you have high blood pressure, the best strategy for you will be to wait for a few months and see, what conclusions cardiology societies will draw officially from this important clinical study.

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02. Februar 2016
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02. Februar 2016
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Dara Koper, Harvard University, Massachusetts Medical Society
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