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Kaja Kann, born 1973 in Vändra into a big family. After graduating High School in Tallinn she went on to study Preservation & Food Technology at Räpina Gardening School. Kaja Kann is an internationally recognized self-taught artist whose language is direct, perhaps sometimes overly black and white but very sharp. Her actions have been compared to a game; as if she is playing a circus, playing music, acting as if dancing or writing a book or studying a philosophy. She on the other hand does not really seem to agree with that viewpoint but if she must then she takes it as a really serious game – a matter of life and death. She is a performance artist who turns her life into a work of art. Artistic statement: Saying false I declare the truth.

2013 Author of the book Private Road, publisher Hea Lugu [Ask for the English pdf-version: kaja@zuga.ee]; 2014 Exhibition Who Stole the Day? & Solo Performance Be Real My Dear; Since 2014 Studying philosophy at Estonian Institute of Humanities.

2007 Estonian State Prize for the best contemporary dance piece in 2006, Woman and Wolf
2006 Estonian theatre festival DRAAMAKE Price for strongest audience touch, ZUGA children piece
2005 Philip Morris Prize for the best contemporary dance piece in 2004, Are There Laika Dogs in Estonia?
2004 Estonian State Prize for the best contemporary dance piece in 2003, ZUGA teeb suure linna
2003 Philip Morris Prize for the best contemporary dance piece in 2002, walking home solo

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Musik: Jóhann Jóhannsson/Englabörn: Krókódill, 2002; Dimitris Kamarotos/Goodbye Stories: The Newborn, 1996; Dimitris Kamarotos/Goodbye Stories: No One Cured, 1996; Cubus Larvik: Ko(o)ma, 2012; Ringhold: Blake or Doe, 2015; Tool/Ænima: Eulogy, 1996; Ringhold: Baby, Please Don’t Go (Big Joe Williams: Long John, 1935), 2015;

Eine Sendung über Zeitgenössischen Tanz. Gerlinde Roidinger spricht mit Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden über Tanz, Theater und Performance, untersucht Bewegungsimpulse und erforscht Tanz im theatralen, öffentlichen und ländlichen Raum. Tanz im Gespräch. Eine Einladung zu einer bewegten Entdeckungsreise.

Monatlich, am 1. Sonntag – 19:07-20:00 Uhr
WH: Monatlich, am 3. Donnerstag – 14:07-15:00 Uhr

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