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Poems read and Music played:-

1. Jodelling Song, from Facade, by Edith Sitwell
2. Im Tal und auf der Höhe, by the Mayrhofner Trio
3. Song of a Man Who is not Loved, by D.H. Lawrence
4. Syrinx, for solo flute, by Claude Debussy
5. Snake, by D.H. Lawrence
6. Gnossienne no. 1 for piano, by Erik Satie
7. Last Lesson of the Afternoon, by D.H. Lawrence
8. An Elementary School Class Room in a Slum, by Stephen Spender
9. Night Mail, by W.H. Auden
10. Musee des Beaux Arts, by W.H. Auden
11. Suite for Violin & Piano, Lento Tranquillo, by Benjamin Britten
12. Lullaby, by W.H. Auden
13. As I Walked Out One Evening, by W.H. Auden
14. Funeral Blues, by W.H. Auden
15. Tell me the truth about love, from Four Cabaret Songs, by W.H. Auden

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