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Mainfeld „So jung und schon Kult: die Folk-Country Band from the heart of South Tyrol! Patrick Strobl (git, vox), Kevin Prantl (bjo, git, harm, vox), Veit Rinner (bs, vox), Willy Theil (dr, perc, acc, vox)“ # V.I.B, Wipptal Very Important Band – „We aren’t as arrogant as you might think“ Die magische Formel lautet: 2×2 Geschwister + viel Blödsinn und Spaß Andi Peer (git,vox), Matze Hörtnagl (git), Babsi Peer (bs), Klemi Hörtnagl (dr) # The Black Bones Across the bridge we have been a thousand times before, but we were blind to see what has been obviously. There stood a man, who stood there before. He converted us – in his religion we trust … and now we are doing Rock’n’Roll. Moritz Kristmann (git,vox), Elias Kristmann (bs,vox), Arlyn Brecher (dr) # http://pmk.or.at/events/freirad-fest-2015