• Rumble Radioshow 23.11.2015
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96 TSUBU NO NAMIDA – Garbage Track (Groovie CD)

BAITONES – Zombie (Groovie CD)

GOGGLE-A – Sea Bulldog (Groovie CD)

FADEAWAYS – That Girl (Groovie CD)

JON AND THE VONS – We’re Pretty Quick (Soundflat CDS)

ELECTRIC MESS – You’ve Become A Witch (Soundflat CD)

GUMBO YA YA’S – Wild And Confused (Soundflat CD)

MIKEY AND THE DRAGS – I’ve Got A Bottle (Soundflat CD)

LOVE ME NOTS – Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me (Love Me Nots CDS)

JACKIE KRINGLE AND THE ELVES – Let’s Have A Rockin‘ Christmas (Bongo Boy CDS)

ARROGANTS – Santra (Dirty Water CD)

BARON FOUR – Things Are Getting Better (Get Hip CDS)

SKEPTICS – T.V. Wizard (Frantic City 10″)

BROKEOFFS – House Of The Rising Sun (Damaged Goods CDS)

TREMOLO BEER GUT – Clayton’s Hot Rod (Crunchy Frog CD)

DEAD ROCKS – Mr. Antonis (Green Cookie CD)

LOMBEGO SURFERS – Fill Me Up (Flight 13 CD)

PONCTUATION – Super 8 (Casbah CD)

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23. November 2015
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23. November 2015
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23. November 2015, 21:00
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