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In the 4th art & science radio broadcast you  will hear parts of the symposium „Future Mobility – A Challenge for Art and Science“, which took place during the Ars Electronica Festival 2015.

How will the City of the future look like and how should our living enviroments develop? One thing at least is clear: Mobility will be one of the major issues in this regard. For one thing different types of mobility, and on the other hand also movement itself. ‚Cause in the end mobility is nothing more or less then movement. In the Symposium „future mobility, a challenge for art & science“ during the ars electronica festival on Friday, the 4th September, the questions went from „how will the car of the future look like?“ to „how do we get people to move back to the villages“ or „how should the post refugee city look like“?

There are so many directions of research, concerning the individual and the public mobility and the question, how they should be organized in the future.

You’ll hear parts of the symposium in this radioshow, the speakers were:

Alexander Mankowsky (DE, Mercedes/ futurologist)

Marina Mara (AT, Ars Electronica Future Lab/ ropopsychology)

Shunji Yamanaka (JP, technical designer and professor in the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies/ University of Tokyo) & Takayuki Furuta (JP, leader of the robot development program of Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Hiroshi Ishii (JP/US, MIT Media Lab)

Ou Ning (CN, artist/ He lives in the village of Bishan, where he founded the Bishan commune in the year in 2011, which works as an intellectual circle for the revival of the rural areas in China)

Killian Kleinschmidt (DE, formerly Camp Manager UNHCR)


Microphone & Creator: Sarah Praschak

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