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This 11th edition of Innuendo 2015 rhymes musically, as it tries to shed glimpses of light in the rhythms and tonalities of the human voice, and what it takes to make one simple sentence „get that swing“. In other words, we take a musical trip through time, from the eternal question: „Did humans invent music?“ to the newest findings and concepts in the field, such as „semantic satiation“ and „speech to song illusion“. Being a show mainly about musicality, the talking is being done mostly by the songs themselves, such as „Sing! Sing! Sing!“ which actually gives the title to this edition, as well as another jazz classic „It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing)“, and many more. Not limited to music, musicality can be heard even in Lewis Carroll’s „Jaberwocky“, through the fabulous voice of Christopher Lee, and the rhymes and repetitions of interviewed-turned-YouTube-star  Kimberly Sweet Brown Wilkins have the same potential as an old spiritual song or „Rapper’s delight“.

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13. Oktober 2015
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21. Oktober 2015
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13. Oktober 2015, 10:00
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