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Ein Interview von Hottensiah auf englisch.

When she made the cut and was among the 13 of the 500 applicants who had auditioned to join the famed Max Reinhardt Seminar,an exclusive acting school in Europe that admits few and exceptionally talented individuals,Mercy Dorcas Otieno has gone on to seize that opportunity,and pursue her goals in acting and making her mark in the industry.A bubbly personality and a force to reckon with,she will stop at nothing and is continuously crafting and sharpening her skills.Born and raised in Kenya and currently based in Vienna,Austria,this young lady is set to follow in Lupita Nyongo’s steps and claim the International stage.I have the pleasure of having her in studio where she let’s us in on her career and future plans.Listen in! ca. 1 h 16 min.

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