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Humanistic Studies is a multidisciplinary field of study in which meanings of life and humanisation are central concepts. At heart, Humanistic Studies is devoted to developing and interconnecting knowledge and values. As such, the university is inspired by a long humanist tradition in western culture, found in philosophy, the social sciences and humanities, literature and the arts. It includes the scientific duty to critically examine humanist values and concepts, and the consequences they have for professional practices (humanist counselling, education, coaching) and institutional settings. I’ll discuss the challenges Humanistic Studies face in today’s competitive academic climate.

Personal details:
Hans Alma studied Pedagogics and Psychology at the Universities of Leiden and Nijmegen and worked as a researcher in Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht. Since 2003 she is Professor of Cultural Psychology at the University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht) and her research revolves around imagination, meanings of life and religious pluralism.
The University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht is a renowned academic centre of knowledge inspired by the humanist body of thought and Hans Alma was the first female rector not only in Utrecht but in the Netherlands.