Episode 5 (60s Underground and Overground: Summer Silk and Strange Brews)

The Vintage Underground
  • 60s Underground and Overground: Summer Silk and Strange Brews
1 Std. 27:04 Min.
The Vintage Underground 20 (Rock Dandy & The Light-Footed Troubadour: 60s Picks)
1 Std. 27:02 Min.
The Vintage Underground 19 ( Sublime voices Part 1)
1 Std. 27:11 Min.
The Vintage Underground 18 ( Wild Spreading Roots: Folk & Songwriter)
1 Std. 27:23 Min.
The Vintage Underground 17 (Gone To Pot: Obscure Sixties Mixed Bag)
1 Std. 27:03 Min.
The Vintage Underground 16 (Good 'Ol Boys & Good 'Ol Times: Country/folk from 30s to 70s)
1 Std. 26:26 Min.
The Vintage Underground 15 (Rare 'Ol Soul 'n Blues In A Library of Good: Can You Dig It?)
1 Std. 27:00 Min.
The Vintage Underground 14 (Not Everyone Is Dylan: Singer/Songwriters of the Sixties and Seventies)
1 Std. 30:02 Min.
The Vintage Underground 13 (Travis & The Corncob Scarecrow: An Old Bluesish & Countryish Mixed Bag)
1 Std. 30:01 Min.
The Vintage Underground 12 (The Vienna Folk Marathon)
1 Std. 30:00 Min.
The Vintage Underground 11 (Cobblestone Criers: 60s and 70s, Folkish With a Ye Olde Undertone)

In this show we will explore some excellent underground, semi-psychedelic sixties songs pertaining to aspects of the weather with the occasional dash of the occult from the darker side of the hippy generation. During the second segment of the show, host Marcos John Arrow, aka Boxer John, will be joined by two of the show’s previous guests, Patrizia Sieweck and Markus Brandstetter for some live folk covers of songs from Southern U.S., World War 2 and the river Thames. Enjoy what we think will be a great mid year show 🙂 Playlist and artist links will follow broadcast of show.


Guest Links:



Main Segment:

Dr Marigold’s Prescription, „The Land of Fusan“
Strawberry Alarm Clock, „Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow“
Nirvana, „Rainbow Chaser“
Hawkwind, „Hurry On Sundown“
Harsh Reality, „Heaven and Hell“
Black Widow, „Come to the Sabbat“
Tyrannosaurus Rex, „Cat Black (The Wizard’s Hat)“
The Zombies, „Brief Candles“
Aphrodite’s Child, „End of the World“

Guest Choices:

Bruce Molsky, „Lazy John“
Warren Zevon, „Lawyers, Guns and Money“

Live songs from this show:

Boxer John, Patrizia Sieweck and Markus Brandstetter, „Lili Marlene“
Patrizia Sieweck, Boxer John and Markus Brandstetter, „I’ll Fly Away“
Boxer John, Patrizia Sieweck and Markus Brandstetter, „Dear River Thames“

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