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Triggered by the question „why do people dream to fly when they obviously can not?“, I argued with the likes of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung on the very subject of What exactly are dreams? Ever the pacifist, however, I came to the conclusion that in such a subjective matter only the subject, i.e. the dreamer, can decide what it means to him/her. Besides rambling on the reasons and consequences of dreams and dreaming, throughout history and just a bit of literature, we heard a little Sigur Rós, pretty obvious choice, as well as Unkle with Heaven and Damien Rice’s version of“When doves cry“. But, just like Alice found her way out of Wonderland, we ended on a high noted, accompanied by the Swedish duo The Sound of Arrows and their „Danger“.

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19. Mai 2015
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02. Juni 2015
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19. Mai 2015, 14:00
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