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Texts read & Music played

1. ‚Brush Up Your Shakespeare’, from ‚Kiss me, Kate’, by Cole Porter
2. ‚This royal throne…’, from Shakespeare’s ‚Richard II’
3. ‚Harfleur’, from William Walton’s music for the 1944 film of ‚Henry V’
4. ‚Once more unto the breach,…’, from Shakespeare’s ‚Henry V’
5. ‚Jupiter: the Bringer of Jollity’, from Gustav Holst’s ‚The Planets Suite’
6. ‚Pomp and Circumstance March no.1’, by Edward Elgar
7. ‚There’ll Always be an England’, Vera Lynn
8. ‚Milton’ (also known as ‚Jerusalem’), by William Blake
9. ‚Jerusalem’, by Hubert Parry
10. ‚England, with all thy faults’, from ‚The Task’, by William Cowper
11. ‚England Expects’, by Ogden Nash
12. ‚Why can’t the English’, from ‚My Fair Lady’, by Alan Lerner & Frederick Loewe
13. ‚The Oxford Voice, by D.H. Lawrence
14. ‚The English are so Nice!’, by D.H. Lawrence
15. From ‚England, Your England’, by George Orwell
16. From ‚Notes Towards the Definition of Culture’, by T.S. Eliot
17. ‚Ex Patria’, by Roger McGough
18. ‚Englishman in New York’, by Sting
19. From ‚England, England’, by Julian Barnes
20. ‚O happy dogs of England’, by Stevie Smith
21. ‚Introduction and Allegro for Strings’, by Edward Elgar

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