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Texts read and Music played

  1. ‚On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring‘, Frederick Delius
  2. ‚Spring: the Cuckoo‘, William Shakespeare
  3. ‚Home Thoughts from Abroad‘, Robert Browning
  4. Symphony no. 6 (‚Pastoral‘): Allegro ma non troppo, Ludwig van Beethoven
  5. ‚Seeing Daffodils‘, Dorothy Wordsworth
  6. ‚I wandered lonely as a cloud‘, William Wordsworth
  7. Violin Sonata in F major (‚Spring Sonata‘): Rondo, Ludwig van Beethoven
  8. ‚Daydreaming‘
  9. ‚Loveliest of Trees‘, A.E. Housman (poem)
  10. ‚Loveliest of Trees‘, Arthur Somervell (song)
  11. ‚The Banks of Green Willow‘, George Butterworth
  12. ‚It Might as well be Spring‘, Sarah Vaughan
  13. ‚Spring is Here‘, Ella Fitzgerald
  14. ‚Wisna‘ (‚Springtime‘), Frederic Chopin
  15. ‚Im wunderschoenen Monat Mai‘, from ‚Dichterliebe‘, Robert Schumann
  16. ‚I so liked spring‘, Charlotte Mew
  17. ‚Last Spring‘ (from ‚Two Elegiac Melodies‘), Edvard Grieg
  18. ‚Spring‘, from’The Four Seasons‘, Antonio Vivaldi