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In the neighbourhood centers (Wiener Hilfswerk) people from the neighborhood find space to meet and participate in activities. The centers are places of exchanges between people of all generations and social classes. Eva Bertalan is the head of the neighbourhood center in the 17th distcrict and spent a year in New York, where the idea of neighbourhood centeres comes from. Monika Ranftl is a volunteer and involved in the upcoming event „Afrika ist überall“. In the show we discuss African life in Austria. How do families with children from bicultural partnerships make it? Are community centres relevant today?

Guests: Eva Bertalan, Monika Ranftl
Host: Ashura Kayupayupa
Technical operator: Petra Pint

Akua Naru – The World is listening
MOYO – Atemi feat. Lady Jaydee
Vanessa Mdee – Nobody But Me ft. K.O
Destiny – Zahara
Ibeyi – River
John Lennon – Imagine
Nneka – Heartbeat