• Rumble Radioshow 09.03.2015
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BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF – Me Or Mine (Damaged Goods CD)

PAUL ORWELL – You’re Nothing Special (Heavy Soul CDS)

ELLI DE MON – Black Ego (Pitshark CD)

FLARED – How Do You Feel (Flared CDEP)

ARNOLD FISH – In The Land Of The Elephant Blues (Garden Of Dreams CD)

HANKY PANKY – A Queen Without A Crown (Pop Sisters CDS)

SOLICITORS – If You Let Me Hold You (All Star Manufacturing 7″)

RIOTS – There’s No Future (For All Those Who Forget The Past) (Time For Action 10″)

DIRT ROYAL – Sick-Boy Method (Time For Action CD)

DIRT ROYAL – That Isn’t Me (Time For Action CD)

RIOTS – Take No Prisoners (Time For Action 10″)

BJs NEW BREED – Baby’s Gone For Good (Time For Action 7″)

BJs NEW BREED – I’m Sorry (Time For Action 7″)

SATISFACTORS – Girl Just Wants To Dance (Bongo Boy CD)

JOEL SARAKULA – Northern Soul (Heavy Soul CDS)

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