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Poems read and music played

1. Cello Concerto in E minor, op.85: Adagio, played by Pablo Casals, with the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Sir Adrian Boult
2. ‚Morning at the Window’, poem by Eliot
3. ‚Prelude I’, poem by Eliot
4. ‚Clair de Lune’ (‚Moonlight’), by Claude Debussy
5. ‚The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, poem by Eliot
6. ‚The Burial of the Dead’ (from ‚The Waste Land’), by Eliot
7. ‚Liebestod’ from ‚Tristan und Isolde’, music by Wagner
8. ‚A Game of Chess’ (from ‚The Waste Land’), by Eliot
9. ‚With a little bit of luck’ (from the musical ‚My Fair Lady’)
10. ‚What the Thunder said’(from ‚The Waste Land’), by Eliot
11. ‚Modernism and Eliot’s Poetry’, talk read by Derek Jacobi
12. ‚The Hollow Men’, poem by Eliot
13. ‚The Journey of the Magi’, poem by Eliot
14. Extracts from ‚Four Quartets’, by Eliot
15. String Quartet in A minor, no.13, op.29, DV 804: Allegro, by Franz Schubert, played by the Brodsky Quartet
16. ‚Memory’, from the musical ‚Cats’ (Andrew Lloyd Webber), sung by Barbra Streisand