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The key subject of the second edition in 2015 of „Innunedo“ is role models and our disappointment in them when they go „astray“ and are featured in the news for all the wrong reasons. Be it Claudine Longet in the 70’s, O. J. Simpsons in the 80’s or Oscar Pistorius and Bill Cosby in 2014, „heroes“ will continue to let us down, as long as we let them. Grammatically speaking, „To be disappointed“, like „to be offended“, is a passive verb. Therefore, the subject of the sentence is the person who is disappointed/offended and not Bill Cosby or Oscar Pistorius. With this positive thought in mind, we listened to a little bit of David Bowie and the Foo Fighters, and payed our respects to Frank Proffitt, through the ballad that he „heard from his auntie“, „Tom Dooley“