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Shakespeare: 450 Years On
In this Forum we take a theme, often of current interest, and explore it critically. We illustrate the discussion with poems and music. A list of the pieces used is offered here.

Texts read and Music played:
1. ‚Shakespeare in Love‘: A Daughter’s Duty and The Prologue
2. ‚As You Like It‘ (Jaques, Act II, Scene 6)
3. ‚Romeo and Juliet‘ (Act III, Scene 5)
4. ‚Romeo and Juliet‘ (Prokofiev, Act III)
5. ‚West Side Story‘: ‚I Have a Love‘ and ‚Somewhere‘ (Bernstein)
6. ‚Macbeth‘ (Act V, Scene 5)
7. ‚Macbetto‘: ‚La vita…che importa?‘ (Verdi)
8. ‚All the world’s a stage…“ (Jaques, ‚As You Like It‘ (Act II, Scene 6)
9. ‚As You Like It‘: ‚Moonlight‘ (William Walton)
10. „To be, or not to be,…“ (‚Hamlet‘, Act III, Scene 1)
11. ‚Hamlet‘ (William Walton)
12. ‚Hamlet‘: ‚To be, or not to be,…‘ (Shostakovich)
13. ‚Hanry V‘ (William Walton): ‚Prologue‘
14. ‚The Tempest‘ (Act V, Scene 1)
15. ‚Prospero’s Books‘ (Michael Nyman)
16. ‚A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘: ‚Epilogue‘ (Puck)

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