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As it was the last edition of Innuendo, we (Don Ferguson, our guest, and Irina Hablecker, yours truly) took a rather serious tone, as we approached the subjects and issues that „bother“ us on a daily basis. Be it in daily newspapers, TV stations, radio or even alternative online media, you cannot escape the violence, aggression and fear that people live through around the world. Trying to somehow come to terms with the „news“, we took the historical road, and looked, in particular, at the development of gun culture in the United States, but also at the desensitization of horror stories, through the over-coverage enhanced by the mass media, as well as the misunderstanding of what video games should be used and taken as. Appropriately, we listened to old-timer David Bowie, hated Mondays with the Boomtown Rats and wondered at the Mad World with Gary Jules.