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  • DarthSchnuffi TJ Allschwil on being gay in TJ DEUTSCH
  • G_Mikki explaining n reading Schwoas postcard uncut
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So WTJT X has been a blast as always, same procedure as every year, some might say.

But just listen to thee denim clad bastardos who happen to get our mic shoved into their drunken faces in this show!

They explain their personal view on thee anniversary, read obscene postcards, give away their secret behind eternal youth and more…

Added to that entertainful or painful stuff we had at least one  „more serious“ topic in the programme: Darth Schnuffi (TJ Allschwil) on being gay in TJ. But as it worked out properly we had the promised live phoner with Horny Sailor aka Nisse of TJ Nomads Sweden on his upcoming „The Nihilistic Army“-zine which is due for release tomorrow, on September 19th, 2014.

We  also talked to Big Al (TJ LA), Partymaus (TJ Wittlich), Betty Morgue (TJ Northern Comfort), and Protector (TJ Bad R’Hell)!
Better don’t miss part two of this two part WTJT X-special!

As we had too much interviews in minutes for one hour we had to leave out Chuck Destruction (TJ Fort Collins) and me reading that other obscene postcard. You’ll find the postcard reading and a German version of Darths interview (without my very bad English overdub translations) enclosed here as attached audiofiles! Chuck appears in his own stream here: http://cba.fro.at/269275.

Apologies to Chuck for doing this to him, but it will be heard still as a separate stream and you hafta check it out, since it adds up on Tschebestas interview he did with Chuck for our sister-radio Turbojugend Radio!

If ya missed the first part of that special, listen here, also in the free stream: http://cba.fro.at/266531 !



  1. Beer Beer-Intro sung by Protector and Weino
  2. Oh, St. Pauli – Bernd Begemann
  3. Protector and Betty Morgue interviews
  4. (Don’t Trust No) Party Boy – Personal & The Pizzas
  5. Big Al interview
  6. (Das Waren) Jugendliche – Rockformation Diskokugel
  7. Big Al interview
  8. Gay Bar (Tropic Thunder Sixx Mix) – Electric Six
  9. Darth Schnuffi interview
  10. Horny Sailor on his „The Nihilistic Army“-fanzine (coming out Sept 19th, 2014, limited to 250 copies, 3,- (incl. postage!) each)
  11. Youth Against Fascism – Sonic Youth
  12. Zacher Zipfl reading one of thee obscene postcards
  13. Dracula – Shadow Reichenstein
  14. Partymaus interview
  15. TJ Kirkenes‘ fabulous videotrack with live karaoke from WTJT X of „Africa“ by Toto