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  • Julia Fallon about Europeana
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During the Archivia conference 2014 IPR & Policy Advisor for Europeana Foundation Julia Fallon talked about the current strategy of Europeana, the EU’s online archive for Europe’s cultural heritage.

As IPR & Policy Advisor for Europeana Foundation, Julia works with cultural heritage organisations, creative industries and policy makers to ensure that digitised cultural heritage is made available fairly, legally and where possible under the most open licences.
Europeana Foundation provide access to 30 million (and growing) pictures, objects, archives and films from across Europe’s cultural heritage sector. It supports providers, aggregators and users to deliver projects to develop best practice, new business models and frameworks to ensure Europe’s cultural heritage remains relevant in the digital world.

By profession Julia is manager of innovation and intellectual properties portfolios with 12 years experience managing, developing and commercialising research, technology and brand portfolios. With experience of managing nascent technologies, proof of concept projects, apps, new product development of engineering and software based technology, generating licensing revenue & Venture Capital investment. This experience combines with a passion for intellectual property rights law that helps us not only protect but also make available creative and innovative works.


Self-portrayal of Europeana: Transforming the world with culture

We are a network, representing more than 2,500 cultural heritage organisations and a thousand individuals from these and other walks of life, passionate about bringing Europe’s vast wealth of cultural heritage to the world. We believe that doing so will unlock untold economic and societal benefits, transforming lives in the process. Culture unites Europe, and making it more accessible promotes understanding and new economies.
We are committed to making our partners’ data more openly accessible so that it may be viewed, and reused within its copyright. We will work with our contributing partners and policy-makers in Europe to make all digitised Public Domain material freely available for re-use without any restrictions. We will lobby to have the principles established in the Europeana Public Domain Charter and the New Renaissance Report applied to all publicly funded digitisation projects in Europe. We will also support our partners in making content that is not subject to third party rights openly available. We want to be a voice for publicly accessible libraries, museums and archives and their users and to make sure that their interests are properly represented at the European level during the upcoming copyright review. Most importantly, we wish to use open metadata to open up access to out-of- commerce and in-copyright cultural heritage so that more users can find it.



Julia Fallon, Europeana - Foto: Petra Moser
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