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Eléphant Terrible are four musicians from five different parts of  Europe. They share one common musical language playing sincere rock music in a direct and raw manner. After a tour in Italy they are back  with new songs and a new album. # After the lucky album with the side project „San La Muerte“ and the  long tour throughout Italy, California and Germany, Leo Pari is back  with a new album: „Legno e Tempo“ that means „Wood and Time“ which is  the most personal and introspective album from the Italian songwriter.  Expect an acoustic and intimate atmosphere, a lot of folk songs on the  first part of the gig, then Leo Pari take his electric guitar up…. # Emergency Nails spielen Garagenrock… mit einem Schlagzeugbeat den  Ringo Starr nicht besser treffen würde… und auf dem Bass surfen die TWANG-Gitarren bis die Dampfverstärker qualmen… so, als würden sie  jeden Augenblick explodieren! http://pmk.or.at/events/elephant-terrible-eu-leo-pari-it-emergency-nails-ibk