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Powerpop / Punkrock Grätsche zwischen Exploding Hearts, Briefs und Teengenerate!!! Endlich, zum ersten mal in Innsbruck! Zum ersten Mal in Österreich! Mit neuer Platte auf Alien Snatch Records im Gepäck. Da kurzfristig eingeschoben zum Preis von 5 Euro, mit Get Drunk On Thursday DJ Paul Coyote. Baboom! # BLANK GENERATION: This album is a total adrenaline shot right to the heart!!! # CARBON14: The Kidnappers play totally enthusiastic and energetic rock and roll without the slightest bit of pretension or hipster posturing, which in this day and age is gawd damn miracle. # NOW WAVE MAGAZINE: The Kidnappers are currently the best rock n’ roll band on the planet… All I know is that e..very time I drop the needle on the Kidnappers LP, I’m compelled to sing along, tap my feet, bob my head, shake my booty, crank up the volume, flip off my neighbors, and shout “Fuck yeah!” at the top of my lungs. # MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: I dare anyone to make a better record this year. Seriously, this LP is the embodiment of what makes rock & roll great. It‘s catchy, it‘s trashy, it‘s fun and it‘s so fucking good that I am jealous..This band can do no wrong in my book. This band could be one of my all-time favorites. http://pmk.or.at/events/kidnappers-hamburg-k%C3%B6ln