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PISSED OF PETE SEZ „It’s gonna be legendary!“ THE MAKEOUTS live from Sweden! # They just won the most important indie music price in Sweden with their new album called „In a strange land!“. They look quite okay and a lot of records at home, from sensashunal bands like BLACK LIPS or KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW or JAY REATARD or JACUZZI BOYS and may-bee they sound a bit like them! What the heck, it’s music for your legs (and whats between them!). # BEAT BEAT live from Vienna / Klafu! # They already toured the USA and CANADUH! Their new album was mastered by Matteo from… the MOJOMATICS! They really look funny, like WEIRD funny. And somehow they managed to take 50ties ROCANROL(TM) rhythms into a POWERPOP jumpsuit and wipe their GARAGE with it! It’s damn good music that’ll have you twistin‘ like a piston! Howsbout some CHUCK BERRY with a blend of BUZZCOCKS? # CHEAP BOOZE ALL NITE LONG, AFTER THE SHOW: DANCE PARTY, BOP TIL YOU DROP! # BROUGHT TO YOU BY BACHELOR RECORDS, VICE MAGAZINE AND CHOKE MEDIA EMPIRE, # THE ENTERTAIMENT COMPANY! http://pmk.or.at/events/makeouts-beat-beat