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ICH BIN DIE VORBAND (a) THE TERRORDACTYLS are quite well-rounded individuals. Michaels interests include fabricating truths on job applications, multiple choice questions and running away. Tyrel enjoys guns, organizing his iTunes music library and being good at life. During the brief periods that Michael and Tyrel are away from the gym, they also enjoy watching inspirational sports films and # talking about their abs. On their self-titled album, THE TERRORDACTYLS quirky, lighthearted yet # decidedly melancholic pop/anti-folk tunes are augmented by toy pianos, kazoos, and the voice of KIMYA DAWSON (The Moldy Peaches, Juno). Despite all these charming trappings, though, nothing really serves to take the edge off The Terrordactyls gutsy interpretation of the sad sweetness (or sweet sadness) of living. Armed with a new kazoo sponsorship by Kazoobie Kazoos, the band is currently finishing up their second full national tour and putting the finishing touches on their second full length album. # Support: ich bin die vorband, a.k.a. oscar germes, a.k.a. el(ger)mex, a.k.a. los gurkos entdeckte mit Hilfe von Fruity Loops die Melancholie in sich. Nach vielen musikalischen Phasen, die Blues, Hard Core, mexikanische Herzschmerzlieder, Drum n Bass und Post-Rock umfassten, entschied sich ich bin die vorband für Melodien, die der alltäglichen Traurigkeit eines Mexikaners in den Alpen Ausdruck verleihen. Übrigens ist dies das letzte Konzert der Europatournee 2009! http://pmk.or.at/events/terrordactyls-usa