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Okay, It’s a choke media show so whut can you expect? RRRRIGHT: Another band that can hardly play their instruments and like to get wasted. Check back with them in a year and see who’s dead. Nothing new, I know, but AS ALWAYS It’s on mee to give you the advice to be at PMK Apehouse on September 21st to see this band go loco on their first trip to europe. Kicking up an unholy blend of The Ramones, G.G. Allin and The Jabbers, and Killed By Death style lo-fi trash they will leave you in a cloud of noodled guitar licks and left-over drug baggies. LIVE FAST DIE is the true antithesis of the overproduced, prefabricated drivel that usually gets passed off as „punk rock“ by the bigger indie labels. And just as pricey, slick production can never mask a severe lacking in the songwriting department, great tunes can never be ruined by crude, no-budget recording. Come and hear soon-to-be-classics like „Pissing on the mainframe“ or „Fat guy with an IPod“!!!!!! # And as if this wouldn’t be enough fun, we also booked an opening act that will make you shake your head. Maybe even because of the music! WHY!?!?!?! HA! Because this duo called BATMAN & ROBIN is a musical masterpiece that proves that loooooong hours of practice and hard work pay off with their crisp, „clean“ sound“… songs like „Who the fuck is Superman!?“ and „Be Scared!“ ejected them into the TOP 3 of the masked garage trash bands. Their costumes are as cheap as the perfume of a two dollar hooker. Believe me. http://pmk.or.at/events/live-fast-die-littleton-usa