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(Begruessung, German; the name KIRICHUK is correct, „Kiritchuk“ in the file name is wrong)
Sergej Kirichuk on the Ukraine situation: Ukraine is not in conflict between two nationalist groups but between two illusions. West Ukraine majority believes in a European Union EU paradise, where EU will solve all Ukrainian problems, including the gas price problems with Russia. East Ukraine majority believes in a Russian paradise, where Russia will solve all Ukrainian problems, including the gas price problems. Borotba had no voice in the Majdan movement, nor in the Anti-Majdan movement, and Borotba retreated to Charkov first and partially to exilum now.

The nationalist problem in Ukraine consists not in an East-West-problem but in that Oligarchy (BJuT of soft populist billionnaire Julja Tymoschenko, nationalist Swoboda block supported by „Наша Україна“ of present president billionnaire Petro Poroschenko, and others) organized „help“ from faschist and neonazi groups who were used to demagogic propaganda against left politics groups such as Borotba had no chance to even present their concepts and programs.

Even worse: Vitali Klitschko who is considered as a good example for many young Ukrainians, and who is not a faschist nor neonazi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitali_Klitschko#Political_career but he was present at the Majdan podium and gave the impression that those faschists and neonazis might be acceptable and good examples for them young Ukrainians as well.

Now, with the Oligarch Petro Poroshenko as Ukrainian president, US military advisors came into Ukraine and Sergej describes that only few days later the Ukrainian Army started „anti terror action“ with jet bombings of Donezk and Lugansk, leaving hundreds of wounded civilists including children behind them. Charkov is the biggest industrial center in Ukraine and is heavily under attack to prevent autonomy there. Charkow Mayor Hennadij Kernes was shot from behind and in danger of life.

Also religious matters were hardly important a year ago but now the question quickly arises: „which Patriarch do you support?“ (which Sergej describes as an effect comparable to the situation before the Yugoslavian war after the end of the East Block, in the 1990ies)

Since negotiations in Geneva and other locations so far excluded essential Ukrainian groups, Sergej Kirichuk and his speech invitating OKAZ in Vienna plead for contributing to peace in Ukraine by establishing a negotiations forum with participation of all Ukrainian groups to prevent further civil war.