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In this program we’ll be discussing how to make ends meet working on the minimum wage — an issue that faces students as well as many low paid workers.

Into Debt and Creative Solutions

We’ll be looking at hard work – and the true costs of debt. Why are many women stuck in underpaid jobs? How do you deal with a huge credit card debt? Plus we’ll be getting behind the scenes of a new and innovative catering business here in Graz that demonstrates new ways of working – and paying student bills.

British Situation

We’ve been reading up on social and working issues in the UK (in the “Talk & Read, Current Issues in the UK” course) and comparing them with the situation here in Austria. What better way to make this information relevant than to produce a radio program that takes these issues seriously?

Talking English

And in learning-by-doing, these 4th semester English students practice English vocabulary, speaking, and conversing while experiencing how radio can be a great teaching tool as well.

Hosts of the programme: Nina Weyrer, Bianca Dobner, Gunda Tichy, Christopher Venus, Katharina Wolkersdorfer, Verena Zaczek.

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17. Juni 2014
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17. Juni 2014
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Bianca Dobner, Christopher Venus, Gunda Tichy, Karen Engel, Katharina Wolkersdorfer, Nina Weyrer, Verena Zaczek, Walther Moser, Wolfgang Kolleritsch
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