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In our sixth edition of Innuendo, we got to know Dr. Subhangi Herath, from the Department of Sociology of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. We discovered together the universality of childhood, social stratification and parenthood, as well as homesickness and the different paths we choose to take after having experienced, night and day, a totally different culture, for six  years. Dr. Herath, with us for only a week, for the intensive programme “The internationalization of social work and social policy in theory and practice”, has been concerned, in her Master and PhD studies, with both attempted suicide cases and the many faces behind them, and women’s changing roles in the South Asian economic spectrum, as well as the different social stratification processes happening in the region. We indulged, however, in a little melancholy and talked about watching the stars sorrounded by woods as a little child in Sri Lanka and trying to guess, together with the whole family, which constellation is which. And, why not, riding the nostalgic wave, we delected our eardrums with a little Harry Belafonte, Cesária Évora and even Elvis Presley.