• Nine Rooms
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In the purple room two men are fighting,
their fingers like claws and tearing at each others livers,
their feet entangled in each others guts.
The crowd that should be watching
is busy buying hot dogs and betting
but no longer on one of them.
They are buying and selling shares in bookmakers firms
which in turn are taking on bets
on which of the brokers will make the most profit.
It’s a very intricate game, and none of the gamblers
really know how defeat or victory
of one of the fighters
will affect their stakes in the end.
But the fight has been going on for a long time now
so maybe it never will end.
This is what happens in the purple room.

Martin Auer – In the Green Room – BY-NC-SA
Marty Ehrlich – The Tucked Sleeve of a One-Armed Boy – BY-NC-ND
Martin Auer – In the Yellow Room – BY-NC-SA
Jared C. Balogh – Tail Coating – BY-NC-SA
Martin Auer – In the Purple Room – BY-NC-SA
Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet – Nfamoudou Boudougou – Public Domain
Martin Auer – In the Brown Room – BY-NC-SA
Jonah Dempcy – Lumen Arcanum – BY-NC
Martin Auer – In the Black Room – BY-NC-SA
Kyle Bruckmann‘s Wrack – Inasmuch As – BY-NC-SA
Martin Auer – In the Red Room – BY-NC-SA
Big Jack Jones – Instrumental – BY-NC-ND
Martin Auer – In the White Room – BY-NC-SA
Marty Ehrlich – Unison – BY-NC-ND
Martin Auer – In the Blue Room – BY-NC-SA
Dja Kabako – Solo – BY-NC-ND
Martin Auer – In the Transparent Room – BY-NC-SA
The Good Lawdz – Preachin Them Blues – BY-SA
Kevin McLeod – Signation – BY


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08. Mai 2014
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29. Mai 2014
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Martin Auer
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