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The final and long version of an interview with the Hi-SEAS commander Angelo Vermeulen after termination of the Mars mission simulation.

What were your greatest challenges and your greatest difficulties?
 What would you make different the next time?
 How would you prepare differently?
 What were your greatest achievements?
What are you personally proud of?
 How will this change your personal and professional life?

Hi-SEAS is a NASA supported project and it is designed to test food preparation strategies for long-term space exploration. The investigation compares two different ways for astronauts to eat in long duration space missions: firstly, the food already being prepared and before consumption the crew just needs to add water and heat the meal and the other method used is similar to the one which the great explorers used in the 19th century, cook shelf-stable food.

Hi-SEAS is a cooperation of Cornell University and the University of Hawaii


music contribution“Lonely planet“: © Markus Tatzer, René Waclavicek