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Philip Chevron & The Radiators From Space:Sound City Beat: New Places, Old Faces//

Philip Chevron & The Pogues: If I Should Fall With Grace From God : Thousands Are Sailing//

Ray Cooper :Tales Of Love, War And Death By Hanging: Border Widow’s Lament, My Compass Points To North//

Levellers:The Best Of The Levellers – One Way Of Live: Men-An-Tol (Acoustic); Static On The Airwave: Truth Is//

3 Feet Smaller: 3rd Strike: Let It Out (Musikwunsch)//

Bruce And Jamie Watson: Another Anthem For The Damned: Dakota Sunrise, When Cathedrals Were All White In Amsterdam//

Show Of Hands:Wake The Union: Aunt Maria;  Witness: Roots//

Men They Couldn’t Hang: Smugglers and Bounty Hunters: Ironmaster, Wishing Well//

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25. Oktober 2013
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