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Mashupsound by MashStix – Soul Like Khan Album


Soul Khan – Soul Like Khan: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul

[Tracklisting / Sources / Linear Notes]


01. 6:30 a.m. (Rhythm Scholar Remix)
-all remix production by Rhythm Scholar

02. Fe La Soul (Dunproofin’s Sub Remix)
-all remix production by Dunproofin‘

03. James Brown’s Knuckles [Mash Up by dj BC]
-James Brown „Can’t Get Enuf“ v. Soul Khan „Knuckle Puck“

04. Deep Place [Mash Up by Dj Lobsterdust]
-Kruder & Dorfmeister „Deep Shit“ v. Soul Khan „Place that Birthed Me“

05. For That (Eddie Pedalo Remix)
-all remix production by Eddie Pedalo

06. One In Hand [Mash Up by DJ Bahler]
-The XX „Introduction“ v. Fatima „LA to Brooklyn“ v. Soul Khan „Invisible Hand“

07. Shitted On (Garagara’s Tape Found Down the Couch Mix)
-all remix production by Garagara

08. Suckin‘ On Chrome [Mash Up by Dj Schmolli]
-Aphrodelics „Rollin‘ On Chrome“ v. Human League „Being Boiled“ v. Soul Khan „Suck My Dick“

09. Fahrenheit / Ruthless [Mash Up by Angels & Filth]
-Amon Tobin „Ruthless“ v. Soul Khan „Fahrenheit“

10. So Says I Feed Me [Mash Up by Biglerism]
-Feed Me „Cloudburn“ v. Soul Khan „So Says I“

11. Sierra Leone Magnified [Mash Up by Bonus Mosh]
-Mt Eden „Sierra Leone (Ephixia Remix)“ v. Soul Khan „Shot Glass Magnified“

12. Moby Minyan [Mash Up by G3rst]
-Led Zeppelin „Moby Dick“ v. Soul Khan „Minyan“

13. Soul Like Khan: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul [Mash Up by F.L.P.]
-The Glitch Mob „Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul“ v. Soul Khan „Soul Like Khan“


01. Undeniable / Animus Vox [Mash Up by F.L.P.]
-The Glitch Mob „Animus Vox“ v. Brown Bag Allstars „Undeniable“

02. Uglyface (Fruntroom Remix)
-all remix production by Fruntroom

03. Fe La Soul (Dunproofin’s Sub Remix) [Instrumental]
– Instrumental version of Dunproofin’s Remix to Fe La Soul

04. All I Want Is What I Do [Mash Up by Marc Johnce]
-Depeche Mode „All I Want“ v. Brown Bag Allstars „All I Do“

05. Uglyface / Coat of Arms [Mash Up by Bonus Mosh]
-Nosaj Thing „Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)“ v. Brown Bag Allstars „Uglyface“

06. 6:30 a.m. (Rhythm Scholar Remix) [Instrumental]
– Instrumental version of Rhythm Scholar’s Remix to 6:30 a.m.


A Special thanks goes out to DJ LE CLOWN & INSTAMATIC for Video production.

Thanks to J57 & Soul Khan of the Brown Bag Allstars for Making This Possible
Last but Not least, All the People Involved in Bringing this Together.

And Our Sponsors: Dirty Belly Button Clothing / Mashstix.com / The Brown Bag Allstars


All the Best,