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[ENG] This new-years show focuses on network-families beyond blood relations, alternative models of family and ways of thinking a micropolitics of trust that can strengthen movements in the context of precarity and crisis. it is based on a variety of materials, and ways of thinking and speaking about the family – as organisational form, subject-object of government and also as form of relation.

first we have two people from the refugee protest camp in vienna talking about the conviviality of their wintery protest. then we call sushi on the phone, to tell us about her favourite queer-feminist terms in relation to family politics, and legal situations around elective families. after some reflections on the relation of families to precarity and crisis we hear about some spanish campaigns around reclaiming the family, as emerging form the 15m movement.

the show is in english with some german and spanish (translated back to english).


refugee protest camp vienna: http://refugeecampvienna.noblogs.org/

ban marriage! ambivalenzen der normaliserung: http://zaglossus.biz/BanMarriage.htm

feminismos sol: http://feminismosol.net/

toma la familia: http://tomalafamilia.wordpress.com/

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