• me & my hero... or graz's most charming waiter having the most agonizing 1 1/2 hours of his life
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a modestly lightened room, a girl and a boy sitting next to the other listening to the most suitable soundtrack provided as a background in such a moment… what it could have been: the most romantic story in the world, what i t could have been!… what it was: i and just another heroic nice guy who came to obey my cry for help and thereby was taken in by my pitiful and despairing „oh please“… so much about the framework!

but beside this tragedy, tonight’s show includes a with loving care chosen lineup and some „lift your butt from the couch and go out“ suggestions… if that ain’t some good reasons to TUNE IN, i really dont’n know what would be… 😉

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15. September 2010
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15. September 2010
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