• Civilmedia09, Day 2: Feminist Media Production in Europe (panel discussion)
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In her research on autonomous media, Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammidi has found, „almost by dint of their existence alone, autonomous media controlled by women with women-defined output offer a challenge to existing hierarchies of power; when these media take up specific issues and campaigns, and align themselves with larger social movements, their political potential is significant“. To further explore such a claim, this panel brings together feminists (of different positions and gender orientations) working in e-zines, comics, magazines, and radio, to find out more about the working practices, innovations and challenges of their work.

Panelists include: Trouble X (www.myspace.com/troublextroublex, Germany); Cristiane Tasinato (MigraZine, Austria); Sarah Diehl (www.abortion-democracy.de, www.myspace.com/deproduktion); and Nicole Niedermüller (Radio LoRa,www.lora.ch, Switzerland).

This session is organized by Red Chidgey, Rosa Reitsamer and Elke Zobl within the research project „Feminist Media Production in Europe“ (www.grassrootsfeminism.net).