• Civilmedia09, Day 1: Salzburg'a hoº geldiniz – Добро пожаловать в Зальцбург – Welcome to Salzburg
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„Welcome to Salzburg“ is a project that we see as an example of „social innovation“

A group of 10 women who immigrated to Salzburg from diverse places (Balkan, Turkey, Mexico/US, Philippines, Russia, Turkmenistan)have formed an editorial team.

Since June 09 they are regularly producing radio magazines in 5-languages (!) for neo-inhabitants of Salzburg. The neo-journalists have lived here a longer time and know what it’s like to start at the beginning and which information is necessary. Together they choose the topics, do interview and produce the 1-hour-magazines.

Presentation of the project by Tuba Islam, Haydee Jimenez and Maria-Fe Paco-Ortner.

further infos: http://willkommen.radiofabrik.at