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A multi-disciplinary artist, he distributes his varied expertise between exploration of the body and movement and the relation with space. For a number of years his work has focused on the study of an original method of choreographic composition based on mathematics and systems theory. He teaches „Methodology and Performance Practice“ at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, while at the same time working as choreographer and dancer with OOFFOURO/N.P.A. Officina Ouroboros, with which he has collaborated on a number of projects, e.g. Epigenesi and others.

OOFFOURO/N.P.A Officina Ouroboros divides its artistic activities between various multidisciplinary practices focused on exploration, research, and systematic study of movement, choreography, and sound. The Association NPA Officina Ouroboros was founded in 2000 in Sardinia with the intention to investigate and to work on the problem of human evolution in contemporary society through deep and multidisciplinary research of art and science. The workgroup Ooffouro is part of the association and is composed of Alessandro Carboni (choreographer and dancer) and Danilo Casti (musician).

WBNR is the second phase of a three-year research project ABQ: from quad to zero.
The project is an extensive investigation of the body and the city, of an organism, a doubly mutated system in which deformed territories, structural glitches, and uncontrolled code cohabit with each other. They create new dynamic maps of places in continuous transformation. Through the creation of a work Platform, several researchers work to apply a method of analysis and composition to choreography focused on the specific urban context of the city and the theatre stage in which the performance takes place. Proceeding analytically from space in its different typologies, from the territory of the body, the flows, dynamics, agents, and movements that constitute it are quantified and codified. The process of exploration and generation of the flows is assigned to the dancers who, through data collection systems such as GPS, motion capture, and sensors, interact in real time with diverse spatial levels: the town, the stage, the body, the machine. The aim is to elaborate a single system of choreographic composition, capable of interpolating all the collected data into a set of choreographic instructions. WBNR is an immeasurable choreography between body and territory, an exploration of the city and the body, reimagining new modalities of analysis and new paths of investigation in order to reflect on the anthropological and socio-cultural transformations of the individual, and on how technology, infrastructure, places, and people are organized in the contemporary urban space.

We talked with Alessandro Carboni about WBNR

Interview by Simone Boria and Pamela Neuwirth


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