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fuer die voegel - tat ort - paraflows09 urban hacking
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smellgraffiti - mitchel heinrich
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Interview mit moot
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Paraflows 2009 Urban Hacking HAIP goes Hype Part 4
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Radio as open source for expression
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WBNR - What burns never returns!
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A Short-lived Fault in the System
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Sheena Macrae -- Hacking Films

Every technology has its own accidents. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, we would like to emphasize their positive consequences. We feel that in this day and age we need systematically distorted communication, because this opens up
possibilities for discussing technologies and their internal politics. The way to establish such systematically distorted communication lies within the technique of the void. The void is not only a means to perceive, it is primarily a lack of meaning, often a place where a medium is used in an inverse way and where the message of the medium is destroyed. In this space, one is primed to reflect upon conventional frames, to criticize the flow that we have taken for granted and through which we are conditioned to take part in the spirit of our time.

– from the In-between manifesto by Lievnath Faber, Tim van der Heijden and Rosa Menkman

We met Rosa Menkman at the Haip Festival in Ljubljana last November and talked with her about glitches in the system and about the manifesto …

An interview by Simone Boria and Pamela Neuwirth

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