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  • Sheena Macrae -- Hacking Films
03:34 Min.
fuer die voegel - tat ort - paraflows09 urban hacking
07:16 Min.
smellgraffiti - mitchel heinrich
10:40 Min.
Interview mit moot
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Paraflows 2009 Urban Hacking HAIP goes Hype Part 4
50:42 Min.
Radio as open source for expression
42:14 Min.
WBNR - What burns never returns!
20:13 Min.
Radio Dada
39:33 Min.
A Short-lived Fault in the System
40:40 Min.

Macrae’s work manipulates popular iconography in film and video through compression, exploring the modern fascination with speed, nostalgia, information and entertainment. She misappropriates the readymade formats of cinema and television through digital media technologies fixating obsessively on pivotal recurring narrative junctions. These works parody and reconstruct the dynamics of Hollywood clichés, collective memory and the standardisation of film narratives, co-opting the syntax of film language to develop alternative meanings through a post-production remix.

„Sheena Macrae’s videos might best be described as ‘compressions’: her massive feats of editing remix films into miniature, yet unabridged sagas: Pulp Fiction reduced to exactly one minute, Gone With the Wind crunched from 3.5 hours down to commercial break size. Their effect is something like speed-reading: images fly by in rapid sequence, focussing on only the key elements of action… Like a drug or a diamond, a screen-size cosmos for the taking. Ergonomic, perfect, and larger than life.“

We met the Video Artist Sheena Macrae in Ljubljana and talked with her about hacking films.

Watch out Youtube, especially for the video called „Drink“; central topic of this movie is alcoholism in the serial „Dallas“.
Great depressing …

Here it is

General Information about Sheena Macrae

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