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Amjumix is an homage to the Amju games created by Jason Colman. Functioning as a standalone application, the Amjumix interface enables access to a series of five setups with elements that behave in a semi-unpredictable manner and are dependent on user input. While exploring each set of dysfunctional game screens, each gesture on the screen itself creates additional glitches in the development of the audio-visual samples that are literally continually struggling to come to the surface of the screen or to be reproduced in the case of sound. Sometimes difficult to reach, the only element that allows the user to go the next „level“ is indicated when the mouse cursor changes into a clock, enabling the user to circulate endlessly in loops of „levels“.

The second part of the Amjumix consists of five plush toys fashioned after the characters from the Amju games. The toys are placed in the proximity of a source of light, coming from a projector that reproduces the glitched scenes from the actual games. Each toy has an optical Theremin that responds to the light within its surrounding, and reacts strongly to the brightness and color intensity of the pictures, translating this intensity into electronically processed noise.

Multi-media installation (shockwave application, slide projection, objects with optical Theremins, audio mixer). Credits programing and sound: Tanja Vujinovic; Produced by: Exstat, www.exstat.org; Original games (Amju Super Cool Pool, Amju Super Golf, Amju Pet Zoo, Amju) and sound © Jason Colman, www.amju.com; electronic components: Lenart Kranjc

We met Tanja Vujinovic at the HAIP Festival in Ljubljana and talked with her about AMJUMIX.

An Interview from Simone Boria and Pamela Neuwirth

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12. April 2009
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12. April 2009
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